oops i humanstuck headcanon’d


oops i humanstuck headcanon’d

Name: Dave Strider

Gender: Male

Birthdate: December 3, 1994

Current Residence: Dallas, Texas

Ethnic Affiliation: Caucasian

High School GPA: 4.3

Previous College Coursework: Took classes his second year of highschool without registering

Major: English Studies

Minor (Optional): Music

Criminal History: None

Extracurricular Activity: DJ for school dances, AP foreign languages starting in middle school, winner of school talent show all four years in high school, all AP classes, yearbook


Name: Sollux Captor

Gender: Male

Birthdate: June 6th, 1992

Current Residence: Corvallis, Oregon

Ethnic Affiliation: Asian (Japanese)

High School GPA: 4.5

Previous College Coursework: None

Major: Information Technology

Minor (Optional): Computer engineering 

Criminal History: DUI

Extracurricular Activity: Technology Club founder, technical support for schools in the surrounding area, all AP classes



movie marathons are hard to stay awake for yo


movie marathons are hard to stay awake for yo

Name: Kanaya Maryam

Gender: Female

Birthdate: August 29th, 1991

Current Residence: New York, USA

Ethnic Affiliation: Indian / African-American

High School GPA: 3.5

Previous College Coursework: One year community college in the fashion field of study.

Major: Fashion Design

Minor (Optional): None

Criminal History: None

Extracurricular Activity: Fashion club, sewing classes, literature club.


Name: John Egbert

Gender: Male

Birthdate: April 13th, 1992

Current Residence: Washington, USA

Ethnic Affiliation: Asian

High School GPA: 3.9

Previous College Coursework: Two years community college in the science field of study.

Major: Biology

Minor (Optional): Film Directing

Criminal History: None

Extracurricular Activity: Film club, chess club, volunteer activity, magic club, science tutoring, piano classes.


Name: Gamzee Makara

Gender: Male

Birthdate: January 2nd, 1992

Current Residence: California, USA

Ethnic Affiliation: Hispanic

High School GPA: 2.1

Previous College Coursework: None

Major: Philosophy

Minor (Optional): None

Criminal History: Petty theft, drug possession, possession with intent to sell, driving while under the influence of drugs, drunk in public, disorderly conduct, public nudity, assault.

Extracurricular Activity: Gardening club.


Name: Karkat Vantas

Gender: Male

Birthdate: June 12, 1992

Current Residence: Louisiana, USA

Ethnic Affiliation: Caucasian

High School GPA: 2.9

Previous College Coursework: Two years community college in psychology study.

Major: Psychology

Minor (Optional): Script Writing

Criminal History: Petty theft.

Extracurricular Activity: Gay Straight Alliance.


Name: Eridan Ampora

Gender: Male

Birthdate: January 28th, 1992

Current Residence: Buckinghamshire, England

Ethnic Affiliation: Caucasian

High School GPA: 3.8

Previous College Coursework: None

Major: History

Minor (Optional): Marine Biology

Criminal History: None

Extracurricular Activity: Chess club, volunteer in hurricane relief efforts, sewing classes, historical artifact collection.